What People Are Saying

Jennie McChargue


Abby helped me get over my nerves and convey my message in a way that made it even more me.

Brenna Peyton

Professional Organizer

The last thing I thought I would ever have to do to grow my business was public speaking. Now I’m able to say yes to those opportunities and know I can do it.

Sherrie Wilkerson

Who knew when I turned 60 I would be asked to speak.. on a stage? Thanks to Abby not only did I not throw up, people came up to me after and told me I helped them.

About Your Coach

Abby Rike Rockenbaugh

Abby helps bloggers grow their blog and brand through effective public speaking skills. Regardless of the ever-changing platforms, strong communication skills never go out of style.

As a professional speaker and former speech and debate teacher, Abby has the unique experience to help you become the best speaker you can be.

Your message matters. Let's make sure it's heard.